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The Art of Communication


Radiance Yoga
701 Prince Street 22314 Alexandria United States
Price: $60

Communication is everything. Without the art of communication one heart cannot reach others. Without the art of self-communication one heart is pinched by the conditioning and smallness of the mind.

Communication is the art of building heavens on the earth. It is always for tomorrow, never for today. Communication is both listening and speaking. In this workshop you will learn and practice, over and over, the art of deep listening—to yourself, your world, and others.

And you will learn the art of what has been called peer spiritual counseling, or the art of speaking in such a way that a peer knows and feels without a doubt that deep spiritual space is being held for them.

Some of these are techniques that are taught to mediation trainees in programs sanctioned by the Virginia Supreme Court. When this material has been previously taught students have commented that: “Something I was wrestling with for years resolved in minutes.” “I feel more heard in that 5 minutes than for the last few years”, “for the first time in my life I have a sense of how to communicate without losing my energy.”