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Manifest Your Dreams with the Chakras


Radiance Yoga
701 Prince St, Fl 2nd 22314 Alexandria United States
$129 early registration by July 4th
$149 after July 4th

This workshop will give you an experience of the chakras known as energy centers in the body. These energy centers spin at the core of your being and create mental and emotional patterns in your life. This series will help you recognize patterns and behaviors that block your dreams and learn powerful techniques to manifest your dreams.

Each Class Includes:
Informative content on each chakra.
Practical tools and gentle healing strategies to balance your chakras, recognize and heal energetic blocks, and understand life long patterns that no longer serve you.
Bioenergetic exercises to balance each chakra
Partner work and discussions for integrating your process.
An action plan for manifesting a dream in your life.

Overview of Chakras:
First Chakra: Grounding, survival and fear
Second Chakra: Sexuality, emotions and guilt
Third Chakra: Power, will and greed
Fourth Chakra: Love, relationships and grief
Fifth Chakra: Communication, creativity and judgment
Sixth Chakra: Intuition, perception and depression
Seventh Chakra: Consciousness, spirit and faith
Eight Chakra: Light

We will be using, "Creating on Purpose," by Anodea Judith
for the workshop.