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Alexandria, VA Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification


Dynamic Sport Performance
113 S. Columbus St. Suite 0 22314 Alexandria United States
Dragon Door's one-day entry-level kettlebell instructor certification workshop.

Attend the HKC and leave with these major advantages:

* A deep understanding of the true benefits of kettlebell training—for both yourself and your clients
* A solid knowledge of vital kettlebell training safety procedures
* A workmanlike grasp of the fundamentals of biomechanics—to ensure your clients move with perfect form and avoid injury
* A grasp of the key HardStyle skills and principles of strength
* The ability to competently perform the three foundational kettlebell exercises (the Swing, the Get-Up, and the Goblet Squat)
* The confidence you can now correctly teach the three essential kettlebell exercises—and troubleshoot common technique problems
* The unique HKC template for designing an unlimited number of effective kettlebell workouts.